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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is intolerable

J and I watched a really sweet movie last night, Eagle vs Shark. Throughout it, I'd have to jump up off the couch and limp around, as this damned nerve would twitch and I just couldn't sit still.

When sleeping, I have to lie on my back, not my preferred way to sleep. But anything else seems to trigger it, as I discovered multiple times between two and three last night.

I tried adjusting my desk at work, so I could work while standing, but that triggered it. I can't sit normally without it going off. I have to sit hunched over, with the angle of my torso to my thighs being less than ninety degrees, and even that's no guarantee that it won't happen.



Unknown said...

Oh scotty, I'm so so sorry. :(

Batty said...

I think a chiropractor might help. I am the hardest on "alternative medicine" of anyone I know, but it seems that someone with a lot of knowledge on bones, nerves, and connective who is also really strong could intelligently stretch you in a way to provide relief from pain stemming from such things. I don't think they are any more voodoo than masseurs. It's direct manipulation of the body, instead of chemical manipulation. I don't see how that's strange at all.

Matt's dad is a general practitioner, osteopath, and a chiropractor. He thought it had its place, and would typically work on someone's back and also prescribe pain or muscle relaxant meds. Between the two, people got better (like my dad!). I think there's a lot of crazy quackery, but maybe you can find someone like Larry who is both an MD and a chiropractor?

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