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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My office is apparently built on top of a hobo burial ground...

I work in the most nondescript two story building ever conceived, plopped into the middle of a strip mall parking lot. It's actually a bit depressing. And since the building looks so vague it could be anything at all, for the various people traversing the parking lot, the only way to determine that the building isn't full of pies is to wander in and check.

We've had people standing in the hall talking to themselves. Vagrants and kids ditching school avail themselves of our facilities. People smelling strongly of cigarettes wander into my office, asking to borrow the phone. It's not pleasant.

To fight off this be-bindled menace, the company changed the security setup, with the door now requiring key-card access to get in. I thought this would have solved the problem, except on a recent trip to the bathroom, I noticed a shopping cart in the hall. They're in the building!

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Unknown said...

It's good to have witty friends. I just read that post aloud to my office, to a few chortles and at least one guffaw.

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