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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On books...

I post a lot about gaming on this blog, and indeed, gaming is an important and frequently pursued hobby. But not my only one. Also of interest is reading, preferably something of the genre science fiction. May I make the following recommendations, if you find yourself sans reading material? The Taken Trilogy by Alan Dean Foster was recently loaned to me by Tom, one of my wife's uncles and a fellow aficionado of works of speculative fiction. Whereas I have a tendency to re-read books I've enjoyed in the past, he tends to find stories I've overlooked, and to my great benefit, shares them. The Taken Trilogy is one such gem, along with Peter F. Hamilton's Commonwealth Saga. I try to return the favor from time to time, but Tom has almost always beaten me to the punch, reading works before I've had a chance to suggest them. I've recently ordered Sun of Suns on Cory Doctorow's suggestion on Boing Boing, and it's my fervent hope it's as good as the preview chapters I've read indicate, and I can pass it on before Tom's gotten to it.

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